Evaluation of application forms to student teaching program is done. Please check the Social Studies bulletin board on the 2nd floor for deficiencies and other list of documents (e.g. substitution form, grades for 2nd Semester 2016-2017 and Midyear 2016-2017, etc.) that you may need to submit until the end of July 2017.

Starting July 2017, please go to UP Infirmary for your physical exam. Present your medical certificate during enrollment in August 2017.

Below is the list of students who intend to take Educ 180 and 181 for 1st Semester 2017-2018 as of June 7, 2017:

1 Arceo Mimssy Lorne B BSE CA English/

Speech Comm & Theater Arts

2 Bonot Angelica P BSE Biology/Chemistry
3 Bulatao Evangeline Q BEEd TEG
4 Camba Mariquit D BEEd SPED
5 Catucod Dannah Loise C BEEd Math
6 Chato Liam Gracielle B BEEd TEG
7 Ching Richanda Ann C BEEd TEG
8 Cortez Kathleen Trish N BEEd TEG
9 Dacayo Tristan Lance N BSE CA Filipino/Social Studies
10 De Jesus Ariel Dianne R BEEd SPED
11 Espiridion Margarette Mae Elyse G BEEd English
12 Evangelista Manuel Lars Angelo A BSE Social Studies/Filipino
13 Fortuno* Mary Janelle P BEEd Science & Health
14 Franco Tiffany T BEEd SPED
15 Garcia Gemina Marie G BSE Math/Physics
16 Guardiano Marjorie P BSE SPED/PE
17 Hernandez Maria Isabel S BEEd SPED
18 Ignacio Jessica Angeli M BEEd SPED
19 Jesuitas Janine M BEEd TEG
20 Lacanilao* Alezandria Nicole B BEEd SPED
21 Nonato Vixens Alphonse F BEEd Math
22 Odoño Shaira M BSE SPED/CA English
23 Palafox Bianca Guillana C BEEd SPED
24 Prieto Mary Christine C BSE Social Studies/Filipino
25 Salido Raymond Martin III F BEEd CA English
26 Sandiego Selina Concepcion P BEEd SPED
27 Saret Christine Paula A BEEd SPED
28 Sta. Rita Kate Lyne Soleil M BEEd Science & Health
29 Suarez Ada Giselle R BSE Art/Biology
30 Suarez Mary Keziah BSE Social Studies/Health
31 Uy Mary Janelle Regina C BSE Biology/Chemistry
32 Yabut Angelica V BEEd SPED