Application for Graduation/College Clearance

Application for Graduation

An application for graduation is to be filed on or before each deadline indicated in the table below.

For those who expect to graduate at the end of the:File your accomplished application for graduation on or before:
Midyear 202328 July 2023, Friday
1st Semester 2023-202427 September 2023, Wednesday
2nd Semester 2023-202421 February 2024, Wednesday
Midyear 20249 July 2024, Tuesday
  1. Download the form at and the Program of Study (POS):
  2. Email the duly accomplished form and POS to your Program Adviser for their endorsement.
  3. Forward the endorsed application and POS to the with the subject, Application for Grad_Surname_Name (e.g., Application for Grad_Dela Cruz, John)

College Clearance

The processing of the College Clearance is facilitated by the Office of the College Secretary (OSec).

  1. Download the request form at
  2. Indicate item 4, College Clearance, as your choice.
  3. Pay the document fee; details are in the request form.
  4. Process the request form at the OSec either via or by going to the OSec during office hours, Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.