1. The student makes a letter of appeal for late registration/ payment addressed to the University Registrar (for eligible of the Free Tuition Act), Prof. Maria Vanessa P. Lusung-Oyzon, PhD, or addressed to the Chancellor (for other students), Dr. Fidel R. Nemenzo. Note: Student should affix his/her e-signature on the letter. 
  2. The student emails his/her letter to the Program Adviser and Division Chair. The Program Adviser and the Division Chair affix their e-signature on the student’s letter.
  3. The student forwards his/her letter and the endorsement of the Program Adviser and Division Chair to the Office of the College Secretary: educenrollment.updiliman@up.edu.ph with subject: Late Payment/Registration_Surname_Name (e.g., Late Payment/Registration_Dela Cruz, Juan).
  4. The Osec emails the endorsed letter back to the student.
  5. The student emails the endorsed letter to the OUR (admin.our@upd.edu.ph) for verification, approval, and online assessment. 
  6. For late payment (if applicable):  If the student’s status is already “for payment”, student may create his/her own Payment Slip using the “Settlement of Outstanding Transaction” module in his/her CRS account. The student must pay the amount/complete the process so that s/he is officially enrolled.