Application for Research Adviser

  1. Accomplish Form 2 – Application for Designation of Research Adviser. (Download it from for-Research-Adviser.pdf).
  2. Email Form 2 to Program Adviser. Instead of asking the adviser to sign Form 2, the student:
    a. Asks his/her Program Adviser to write a short email/letter addressed to the College Secretary “noting” the application for research adviser.
    b. Asks his/her Program Adviser to send this short email/letter to him/her for submission to the OSec. Note: The e-signature of the Division Chair is not required at this point.
  3. The student emails Form 2 and the email/note from the Program Adviser to the Office of the College Secretary (OSec email add:
  4. The Office of the College Secretary forwards Form 2 to the Division Chair for appropriate action. E-signature is not required in the form. The Division Chair will recommend the Research Adviser by sending an email to the OSec (email add:
  5. The College Secretary will take note of the Division Chair’s recommendation and will forward Form 2 to the Dean.
  6. The Dean approves the designation of Research Adviser and affixes his e-signature on Form 2.
  7. The OSec emails the approved Form 2 to the student.