Education Quarterly

The Education Quarterly (EQ) is the refereed journal of the College of Education. It was published between 1953 and 2015 and became the platform for various publications ranging from the literary to the academic. The early issues of Education Quarterly featured the works of faculty and students. It later on became the official publication for peer-reviewed research articles of faculty and students. This continued until the birth of Philippine Journal of Education Studies (PJES) in 2016. PJES became the new official research publication of the College of Education while the Education Quarterly became a professional magazine for educators and academics involved in education and research. Each issue of Education Quarterly is produced by an area or department at the College.

EQ November 2021

This issue was hosted by the Language Education area faculty and students. This issue aims to inform and support the language teacher about the possibilities and issues in language teaching in the K-12 program. Various experiences and challenges of different stakeholders about the K-12 program provided valuable insights. These insights may possibly lead to more avenues of research and points of discussion for future endeavors under the K-12 program. The issue also shared language-related findings that can inform current and future studies. The K-12 program continues to be relevant today and the pandemic has become an added layer of experience to program implementation. Nevertheless, the pandemic has forced the teachers to re-imagine language teaching using whatever resources available and tap on limited online teaching training or background.

EQ Quarter 1 June 2018

This issue explores the theme, the Mind in the Digital Age. Valuable and expert insights came from the interviews with Dr. Grace S. Koo, a noted Educational Psychologist  and Prof. Gerson Abesamis, an Educational Technology professor and HABI founder. The issue also surveyed current research on technology and education and offered suggestions on how to deal with the onslaught of technology. The Editor of this issue Dr. Romylyn A. Metila reminded the readers that as technology gets more and more advanced, the more urgent is the need to practice critical thinking and exercise professional responsibility as educators.