Extension of Residence (Undergraduate)

I. Appeal for Extension of Residence

Deadline for Midyear 2024Deadline for the 1st Sem 2024-2025Deadline for the 2nd Sem 2024-2025
15 March 2024, Fri*26 April 2024, Fri**TBA***
* Approved during the 22 May 2023 Special CEd Faculty Assembly.
** Approved during the 25 March 2024 Special CEd Faculty Assembly.
**Date will be announced upon the release of the President-Approved Academic Calendar for AY 2024-2025, and approval of the CEd Faculty.

II. Information about the Maximum Residence Rule

The Maximum Residence Rule (MRR) states that students who fail to finish the requirements of a degree program of any college within a prescribed period of actual residence shall not be allowed to register further in that college. Under meritorious cases, extension of residency may be granted. The faculty of each college shall designate the approving authority for such extensions. Each extension granted shall be reported to the Chancellor through the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. (MAXIMUM RESIDENCE_Undergraduate.pdf – our.upd.edu.ph)

  • Who needs to appeal for MRR Extension effective First Semester AY 2024-2025?

    The MRR states that students who fail to finish the requirements of a course of any college within a period of actual residence equivalent to 1½ times the normal length of the course concerned shall not be allowed to register further in the university. Thus, the prescribed years or the number of years allowed by MRR to finish a four-year bachelor’s degree program is 6 years
    • Undergraduate Students admitted to the program during the First Semester AY 2016-2017 need to apply for an MRR Extension for the First Semester AY 2024-2025 (Start of MRR).
    • Other Undergraduate students with Student Numbers that start with 2015 and older, who have not been granted an extension of residence.

Status of Residence during the following Academic Years (for those admitted, AY 2016-2017):

First YearAY 2016-2017
Second YearAY 2017-2018
Third YearAY 2018-2019
Fourth YearAY 2019-2020
Waived due to the COVID-19 Pandemic2nd semester AY 2019-2020
AY 2020-2021
AY 2021-2022
Fifth YearAY 2022-2023
Sixth YearAY 2023-2024
Start of MRRAY 2024-2025

III. Appeal Process for Readmission &/or Extension of Residence

A. General Requirements


Instructions in writing the Letter of Appeal:

  1. Address the Letter of Appeal to the College Secretary, Dr. Frances Olivia M. Magtoto. Your letter of appeal needs to be signed by your Program Adviser under the words, “Endorsed by:”.
  2. The Letter of Appeal must:
  • Provide information such as your student number, program (indicate whether MA or PhD), first entry into the program, and your contact number and email address.
  • Clearly indicate your current status/accomplishment in the program. 
  • Briefly disclose reason/s for going beyond the MRR.

A timetable prepared in consultation with your Program Adviser. Format found at this link: https://educ.upd.edu.ph/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/MRR-TIMETABLE.pdf


An updated accomplished Program of Study / Curriculum Checklist checked and verified by your Program Adviser. 

  1. GRADES GENERATED VIA CRS (printed copy or screenshot).

B. Other requirements for those returning from AWOL/LOA:

  1. If returning from AWOL/LOA, please disclose all activities (i.e., trips local and abroad, enrollment in courses or institutions, etc.) undertaken during the term/s that the student is not enrolled.
  2. If returning from AWOL/LOA and the reason is health-related, a copy of medical certificate.
  3. If returning from AWOL/LOA and the reason is financial concerns (i.e., student had to work), a certificate of employment.

C. Procedure for Submitting Appeals for Readmission and Extension of Residence

  1. Prepare all requirements indicated above for submissions. Incomplete submissions will not be processed. Please:
    1. make sure that all information specified in all submitted documents (i.e., letter of appeal, supporting papers, etc.) is true and accurate. Inaccurate information in official documents is considered an offense.
    2. be reminded that submitted documents are subject for verification. Submission of spurious or tampered documents is also considered an offense.
  2. Email all the required documents to educadmissions.updiliman@up.edu.ph with subject line: MRRExtension_Surname, Name (i.e., MRRExtension_Dela Cruz, Juan) or (Readmission_Dela Cruz, Juan)
  3. Patiently wait for the email from the Office of the College Secretary (OSec) regarding the result of your appeal. The Office processes numerous requests and appeals; hence, please give the staff time to evaluate and verify the submitted documents.