Enrollment of Residence


(Revised UP Code: Art. 408 as amended at 1082nd BOR: 16 December 1994)
Students who have finished all their course work and are just working on their thesis may enroll for residence. Similarly, students who are not enrolled in any subject but who want to complete an INC or remove a grade of 4.00 must also enroll for residence. Registration for residence should be done within the semester.

  1. The student updates his/her Student Profile using his/her CRS Account.
  2. The student informs/contacts the Program Adviser that s/he is enrolling for residence.
  3. The Program Adviser does online advising through CRS/email.
  4. The student informs the Office of the College Secretary (OSec) through educenrollment.updiliman@up.edu.ph. To facilitate the process, use this subject – Enrollment_residence_Surname, Name (e.g., Enrollment_residence_Dela Cruz, Juana).
  5. The OSec reviews the student’s records*. Based on the review, the OSec enlists and contacts the student if enlistment is done.
  6. The Program Adviser does online post-advising through CRS.
  7. The student is queued for online assessment.
  8. If the student’s residence enrollment status is already “for payment”, s/he may create his/her own Payment Slip using the “Settlement of Outstanding Transaction” module in his/her CRS account. The student must pay the amount/complete the process so that s/he is officially enrolled.

Note: The OSec has to verify student records first (e.g., MRR, LOA, AWOL, etc) before enlistment in residence. The student may be asked to submit additional documents.