UP Faculty Code of Ethics

With faith in humankind and the quest for knowledge and with commitment to the best in our profession as educators in order to liberate the human spirit, we, the members of the faculty of the University of the Philippines, hereby pledge to:

I. Uphold the honor of the University of the Philippines, first and foremost;

II. Pursue excellence in instruction, research, and extension, and work continuously towards advancing our knowledge and skills to a level comparable with the best in the world;

III. Promote a strong sense of nationalism and enduring concern for social justice, gender equality, cultural values, community welfare, and protection of the environment;

IV. Keep academic freedom inviolate in the performance of our roles and responsibilities as teachers and scholars with integrity, honesty, creativity, propriety, fairness, and devotion;

V. Instill in our students the passion for learning, the discipline attendant to the pursuit of excellence, intellectual honesty, and respect for the humane;

VI. Relate with our colleagues in the spirit of cooperation, camaraderie, and professionalism;

VII. Maintain honesty and fairness in our dealings with colleagues, students, and entities outside of the University;

VIII. Reject activities and interests that interfere with our responsibilities as faculty members and conflict with the interests of the University;

IX. Participate actively in the effective governance and institutional development of the University; and

X. Abide by the laws of the land and provisions of the Charter of the University and the University Code, as well as the lawful rules and regulations of the duly constituted authorities of the University System.

*Approved at 63rd University Council Meeting on 8 December 1998 and noted at the 1128th meeting of the UP Board of Regents on 28 January 1999.

Source: Faculty Manual, UP Diliman, December 2003