Bachelor of Secondary Education

The BSEd Degree Program

The Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) degree program aims to prepare students for teaching in the secondary school.

Major in:

Art Education
Biology Education
Chemistry Education
English Language Education
Filipino Language Education
Health Education
Mathematics Education
Physics Education
Social Studies
Special Education
Values Education

Click here for the Curriculum Checklists of the different major programs under the BSEd degree program, as approved and implemented starting the 1st Semester of AY 2019-2020.

Click here for a printer-friendly version of the Curriculum Checklists for BSEd.

Student Teaching Program

The main feature of the BEEd and the BSEd programs is student teaching, a kind of apprenticeship designed to develop professional, social, and academic insights and skills as the student-teacher participates in the actual operation of the school, in teaching as well as non-teaching activities of the profession. It is so designed that the last semester of the four-year program is devoted entirely to intensive student teaching.