OSec Contact Details

The Office of the College Secretary (OSec) is the official keeper of records and overseer of registration and scholastic evaluation of students at the college level. It implements University and college policies, rules, thrusts, and priorities related to admission, registration, progress, and graduation. It serves as a liaison of the college to various offices in the University.

The Office is headed and managed by the College Secretary with the assistance from the Student Records Evaluators and Administrative staff. 

For queries and concerns, please contact the email addresses below:

ConcernsEmail address

General inquiries

Applications for MA, PhD, CPE, Shiftees, and Transferees
Declaration of Major (for tagging in CRS)
Readmission from LOA/AWOL
Processing of Change of Program
Processing of University Admission Slip/College Admission Slip

Thesis and Dissertation matters
Processing of the following:
Advance Credit,
Substitution of Courses, and Course Equivalence
Crediting of Courses without Validation (for T2 students with 66 academic units earned from other schools/universities)
Extension of Residence Appeals: USAPAW, GSAPAW, CSAPG,
Extension of Free Tuition

Request for TCG, Certificates, etc.
Application for Graduation
College Clearance
Student Exchange Program (Coll. Sec. Endorsement)
Verification of Candidacy for Graduation / Authenticity of Records (medical / law school application, etc.)

Enrollment of Residence
Enlistment in EDUC 300 and 400
Late Payment/Registration
LOA/DroppingPayment of Unsettled Transaction
Overbooking / Cancellation of enlistment
Change of Matriculation (CoM)

Telephone numbers: 89207815 / 89818500 loc. 2807 / 2817