Health, Science, & Social Studies Education


Duka-Pante, Francis Grace H.
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Health Education
Research interests: Substance Abuse, HIV and AIDS, Nutrition, Sexuality Education
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Zamora, Maria Cecilia V.
Assistant Professor
Education: Masters of Arts (Health Education), University of the Philippines, Diliman; Master of Arts (Special Education), Philippine Normal University
Specialization: Health Education, Special Education
Research interests: Health Literacy, Nutrition, Wellness, Preventive Drug Education, Life Skills, Intervention Programs in Health Education and Special Education
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Paderna, Edwehna Elinore S.
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Chemistry Education, Science Education, STEM
Research interests: Context-based learning, Functional concept understanding, Functional skills, Learning disposition, Science education goals, Problem-solving ability in chemistry, Scientific and chemical literacy, STEM readiness and attitudes
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Monterola, Sheryl Lyn C.
Associate Professor
Specialization: Science Teaching, Teacher Training, Developing Curriculum and Assessment Materials, Statistics and Data Analysis, Applying Neural Network in Education
Research interests: Science Education, Small Group Instruction and Interaction, Applying Neural Network in Education, Gender Studies, Educational Policy, Teacher Education, Assessment
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Yangco, Rosanelia T.
Associate Professor
Specialization: Biology Education, Environmental Education
Research interests: Biology Education, Environmental Education, Biological Sciences
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Ramirez, Rachel Patricia
Regalado, Regina Carla
Talisayon, Vivien



Beltran - Joaquin, Ma. Nympha B.
Specialization: Math Education
Research interests: Math Education
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Calingasan, Lorina Y.
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Social Studies Teaching
Research interests: Social Studies Curriculum, Historical thinking skills
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Lucman, Sharehann T.
Specialization: Social Studies
Research interests: Social Studies, Civics and Citizenship Education, Mother-Tongue Based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE), Linguistic Citizenship
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