Application for Dropping

Application for Dropping

Steps for online application for dropping:

  1. Submit your dropping application via the dropping module of the CRS.​
  2. Inform your instructor of your intent to drop and ask for his/her approval. 
  3. Inform your Program Adviser so that s/he can approve through online advising. 
  4. Once the Program Adviser approves your application, inform the Office of the College Secretary: with subject Dropping_Surname, Name (e.g., Dropping_Dela Cruz, Juana).
  5. The OSec downloads the dropping form and affixes the appropriate signature.
  6. The student will receive the signed dropping form.
  7. If the student’s status is already “for payment”, student may create his/her own Payment Slip using the “Settlement of Outstanding Transaction” module in his/her CRS account. The student must pay the amount/complete the process so that s/he is officially enrolled.

Additional Notes:

Canceling a Dropping Application: A student may cancel his/her unpaid dropping application anytime. Canceling an application cannot be undone. A student may, however, submit another dropping application should s/he decide to proceed with dropping the course.

Withholding Consent: Once the course instructor withholds their consent for a dropping application, it is considered terminated. If the course instructor later on decides to allow the student to drop the course (agreement done outside of the system), the student may submit another dropping application. For more information, please visit: