(as of January 2023)

Office of the Dean | (632) 8981-8500 local 2801

Jerome T. Buenviaje, PhD, Dean,

  1. Ma. Socorro A. Cruz, Administrative Officer V
  2. Janice Camile Q. Catague, University Research Associate I

Division of Curriculum and Instruction (DCI) | 8981-8500 local 2815

  1. Leonor E. Diaz, PhD, Division Chair,
  2. Joey M. Lentejas, Jr., Administrative Assistant II

Division of Educational Leadership and Professional Service (DELPS) | (632) 8981-8500 local 2812

  1. Joel C. Javiniar, PhD, RGC, Division Chair,
  2. Dulce F. Ochea, Administrative Assistant II

Planning, Research, Publication, Extension and Linkages Office (PRPEL) | (632) 8981-8500 local 2814

  1. Camille A. Adriano, Administrative Officer I
  2. Leah Marie G. Aoanan-Malong, University Research Associate II
  3. Elizabeth V. Logronio, University Research Associate II


OFFICE OF THE COLLEGE SECRETARY (OSEC) | (632) 8981-8500 local 2807, 2817 

Frances Olivia M. Magtoto, Ph.D., College Secretary

  1. Lakambini M. Brito, Administrative Officer III
  2. Maria Cristina N. Adamas, Administrative Assistant II
  3. Melchor M. Fernandez, Education Research Assistant II
  4. Wenna B. Mendoza, Education Research Assistant I
  5. Jonathan C. Terante, Jr., Student Records Evaluator II

Building, Property, and Supplies Office (BPSO) | (632) 981-8500 local 2806

  1. Jocelyn V. Chua, Administrative Officer III
  2. Esteban John A. Abalos, Administrative Assistant II (transferred to the University Library effective April 17, 2023)
  3. Edgar A. Ferolino, Laboratory Technician III
  4. Arnel B. Gerolia, Administrative Assistant IV
  5. Antonio F. Siringan, Administrative Assistant IV

Management Support Office (MSO) | (632) 8981-8500 local 2804

  1. Jayson V. Ornido, Administrative Officer I
  2. Michael A. Andaya, Administrative Aide IV
  3. Ramon L. Ombid, Administrative Assistant II
  4. Jesse A. Quinto, Administrative Assistant I


College of Education Library | (632) 8981-8500 local 2818

  1. Roselily A. Medrano, Head Librarian
  2. Rowell B. Alveniz, Administrative Aide III
  3. Cynthia A. Caguiat, College Librarian II
  4. Vinamar A. Ponce, College Librarian II
  5. Florida I. Cortes, Librarian I
  6. Dolores A. Daguman, University Research Associate I
  7. Crizell Joy P. Garcia-Atuel, College Librarian II
  8. Florinda P. Logronio, Administrative Assistant I
  9. Edgardo L. Pabiona, Administrative Aide VI
  10. Raymond C. Pabroa, Administrative Aide V

(632) 8981-8500 local 2802