Processing of Course Equivalence

  1. The student writes the Certification for Course Equivalence. For guidance, s/he may download the template at S/he should make sure that all information provided is accurate.
  2. The student prepares a scanned copy of Official Transcript of Records (TOR).
  3. The student submits/emails the Certification for Course Equivalence together with the Official Transcript of Records to the instructor who handles the course.
  4. The student asks the instructor to do the following:
    • a) Evaluate the transcript to see if the course deemed as an equivalent of the prerequisite of the course that you have taken may be considered as an equivalent.
    • b) Affix his/her e-signature on the form.
    • c) Email the signed form and scanned copy of Official Transcript of Records to the Office of the College Secretary: with the subject: Course equivalence_Surname_Name (e.g. Course equivalence_Dela Cruz, Jane).

NOTE: All documents submitted are subject to verification. Submission of spurious documents is considered an offense and may result in disciplinary action (if found liable).