Deadline of readmission from AWOL for Midyear 2022 enrollment: 11 March 2022
Deadline for application of RETURN from LOA for Midyear 2022 enrollment: 11 May 2022

Deadline for readmission from AWOL for 1st Semester 2022-2023 enrollment: 6 May 2022
Deadline for application of RETURN from LOA for 1st Semester 2022-2023 enrollment: 8 August 2022


  • A letter of appeal addressed to College Secretary, Dr. Jaclyn Marie L. Cauyan (with contact # and email address)The letter should be signed/endorsed by the Program Adviser.

Note: Please disclose all activities (i.e., trips local and abroad, enrollment in courses or institutions, etc.) undertaken during the term/s that the student is not enrolled.

  • An accomplished Program of Study/ Curriculum Checklist signed/endorsed by the Program Adviser (download form from website)



  • In lieu of the most recent TCG, a print-out/screenshot of grades from CRS (saved as a Word/PDF file) NOTE: TAMPERING/FALSIFICATION of grades and other supporting documents will be sanctioned accordingly.
  • If the reason for AWOL/LOA is health-related, a copy of medical certificate.
  • If the reason for AWOL/LOA is financial concern (i.e., student had to work), a copy of certificate of employment.

Note: If student is on 4th or 5th extension of residence, there should be an approved outline (4th extension) or the student is already at the writing stage or has, at the minimum, the research data needed to write the paper (5th extension).


1. Download and accomplish the following:

a) Program of Study/Curriculum Checklist

b) MRR timetable (if applicable)

2. Write a letter of appeal and affix your signature. Contact your Program Adviser for endorsement of your appeal. Your Program Adviser may do any of the following: 1) Affix his/her e-signatures in the letter, Program of Study, and MRR timetable or 2) Write an email that s/he is endorsing your appeal and certifies the correctness of all supporting documents (i.e., POS and MRR Timetable). For students applying for 4th and 5th extension of residence, the Program Adviser should write a separate letter providing strong justification.

Note: The signature of the Division Chair on the letter and Program of Study is not needed. Endorsement of the Concerned Division Chair will be done online.

3. Print your grades from CRS or save screenshot of grades in a Word file.

4. Email all the required documents to with subject line: Readmission from LOA/AWOL_Surname, Name (i.e. Readmission from AWOL_Dela Cruz, Juan).

5. Wait for the email from the Office of the College Secretary (OSec) regarding the result of your appeal. The Office processes numerous requests and appeals; hence, please give the staff time to evaluate and verify submitted documents.


  1. Please make sure that all information specified in all submitted documents (i.e., letter of appeal, Student Directory, supporting papers, etc.) is true and accurate. Inaccurate information in official documents is considered an offense.
  2. Please submit ALL the necessary documents as incomplete submissions will not be processed.
  3. Please be reminded that submitted documents are subject for verification. Submission of spurious or tampered documents is considered an offense.