Declaration of Major and/or Minor

Declaration of Major and/or Minor

Students accepted into the College of Education via the UPCAT/UPCA process, have either the Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd) or the Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) as their program. They are assigned a Program Adviser based on their intended Area of Specialization or Major. This allows them to explore the program of study for a year.

After they complete 30 units, they declare their major. If in the BSEd program, the minor can be declared separately. This process entails the submission of a letter addressed to The College Secretary
containing the following:

  1. Their declared major and/or minor
  2. Their reason for their decision
  3. The endorsement of their Program Adviser (major) and Division Chair

Additional signatories:

  • When declaring a minor. The conforme of the Program Adviser (minor) is needed.
  • When a student would like to declare a major different from their original area of specialization (assigned Program Adviser in their first year). In this case, the conforme of the new Program Adviser will be needed in the letter. In effect, the endorsement would be from the Program Adviser (current) and the conforme will be by the Program Adviser (new).

Once endorsed, the letter will be emailed to