Doctor of Philosophy in Education

The PhD in Education Program

The PhD in Education is a research degree conferred in recognition of a candidate’s command of a broad field of academic and research knowledge and of his ability to initiate, organize, and pursue the investigation of an original problem which is based upon or contributes to the field of education.

Applicants to this degree program must have a general weighted average (GWA) of “2.0”, “B”, “86”, or better in the undergraduate level or “1.75” or better in the master’s level.

Doctoral applicants are required to take and pass the Doctoral Admission Test in Education (DATE) before they are admitted provisionally for a period of one-semester course work or its equivalent, after which said credits are evaluated.

  1. For formal admission to the doctoral program, a student must have a grade of 2.00 or better for each subject and a general weighted average of 1.75 or better.
  2. A PhD student must also pass a doctoral comprehensive examination before enrolling for dissertation writing.
Areas of Concentration:

Anthropology and Sociology of Education
Biology Education
Chemistry Education
Curriculum Studies
Educational Administration
Educational Psychology
History and Philosophy of Education
Language Education
Mathematics Education
Physics Education
Reading Education
Research and Evaluation
Social Studies
Special Education

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Curricular Framework:

Courses in the PhD in Education program are distributed according to the following framework

  • Major (18 – 21 units)
  • Research (6 units)
  • Foundation (3-6 units)
  • Cognates (6-9 units)
  • Electives (3-6 units)
  • Dissertation (12 units)
  • TOTAL: 48-60 units

A PhD student must also pass a doctoral comprehensive examination before enrolling for dissertation writing.

Click here for the Programs of Study of the different areas of concentration under the PhD Ed degree program.

Financial Requirements

Tuition is set at PhP500.00 per graduate unit; miscellaneous fees at PhP 1,415.00 (for a regular semester) and PhP 665.00 (for midyear term); entrance fee deposit at PhP 130.00; student fund at PhP 78.50. These fees are subject to change.

International Students

All international students, immigrants as well as non-immigrants, should secure a study permit from the Department of Education (DepEd) through the OVPAA, Office of International Linkages, UP Diliman.

Non-citizens of the Philippines are required to pay the Education Development Fee (EDF) of USD 500 every semester and USD 200 during the midyear term.

For inquiries, please contact
Telefax: (632)9818500 local 2807, 2817