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The UP College of Education welcomes undergraduate and graduate students and other educational personnel who want to be excellent in education careers in the service of humanity. 

About College of Education

Through the years, several UP Education graduates have taken on choice positions at every level of public and private educational bureaucracy. Through the College of Education, the vision of the University of the Philippines to provide the country with the best training for teachers in the basic grades and with the most qualified leaders in the field has been realized and sustained.

Currently, the College is a Center of Training of the Department of Education and the Commission of Higher Education and a home base to several professional organizations. It also has expanded linkages with UNESCO, ASEAN, and other international organizations. The UP College of Education continues to fill the country’s need for qualified teachers and teacher-leaders as it remains at the forefront of teacher education.

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The College offers services and facilities to further enrich the academic experience of its students. 

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The College offers undergraduate, graduate, and Certificate in Professional Education (CPE) programs.


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There are a number of financial aid opportunities to College of Education for students who need assistance in their studies. 

UP College of Education

Learn more about the UP College of Education. This video will give an overview of the College’s programs, facilities and services, and vision and mission. 

The College offers two four-year bachelor’s degrees: the Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd) and the Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd). The BEEd program prepares students for teaching in the pre-school and elementary school while the BSEd program prepares students for teaching in the secondary school.
The College's MA in Education program is geared for the professional advancement of teachers and education personnel. The PhD in Education, meanwhile, is research degree conferred in recognition of a candidate’s command of a broad field of academic and research knowledge and of his ability to initiate, organize, and pursue the investigation of an original problem which is based upon or contributes to the field of education
The Certification in Professional Education (CPE) is a non-degree program started in 1984. It offers at least eighteen (18) units of professional education courses to qualify a non-education baccalaureate degree holder to teach in elementary or secondary school as required by the Department of Education (DepEd).