Extension of Deadline of Application for GBF’s TeachSTEM Scholarship Programs | October 3, 2022

The deadline of applications for the TeachSTEM Scholarships has been extended until November 30, 2022. Detailed information and the application link are found in the following links:

  1. College Degree Scholarship:
  2. Master’s Degree Scholarship:
  3. Teacher Certificate Program:
  4. Master’s Thesis Grant:

Deadlines for Appeals for Extension of Residence, Readmission from AWOL, and Return from LOA

For more information on appeals for Extension of the Maximum Residence Rule (MRR), please visit: Email all the required documents to  with subject line: MRRExtension_Surname, Name (i.e., MRRExtension_Dela Cruz, Juan).

For more information on Readmission from AWOL and Return from LOA processes, please visit: Email all the required documents to with subject line: Readmission from LOA/AWOL_Surname, Name (i.e., Readmission from AWOL_Dela Cruz, Juan).