It is with heartfelt sorrow that we announce the passing of one of our professorial lecturers, Dr. Beulah Garcia Dalao-Nuval.

Below we share the eulogy delivered by Dr. Lily Rosqueta-Rosales in remembrance of a respected colleague, a generous mentor, and a great friend.

“Alumna of the University of the Philippines, the University of Florida, University Guidance Counselor, Professorial Lecturer at the University of the Philippines College of Education, president of the Philippine Guidance and Personnel Association, Inc. (now the Philippine Guidance and Counseling Association) charter member of the Philippines Chapter of the Chi Sigma Iota Academic and Professional Counseling Honor Society International, President of Education Alumni Association — these all bonded Beulah and me for more than half a century.

Her family and my family were close to each other for years. Her husband and I took to writing, while Beulah and I were deep in the academe. Our children studied together in the elementary grades to high school and were schoolmates in college although they pursued different career paths.

Beulah was a vibrant woman, strong-willed and very focused. She enjoyed life to the fullest and had a very contaminating laughter. She was also sometimes stubborn, but with good reason. Gracious in her ways, charitable, and imbued with volunteerism, she was the life of every civic and social group to which she belonged. I will always remember her as the best Hawaiian hola dancer as she swayed to the music of Pearly Shells.

Beulah has left a beautiful legacy – a life that touched many hearts and souls, a life of friendship and mission — yes, an inspiring memory through the years to come.

We commend her to Almighty God. Rest, Beulah, rest in the bosom of our Lord as angels sing peace to you.

I will miss your presence on Earth, dear Beulah.”