Filing of Candidacy for College of Education Student Council Elections

Filing of Candidacy for College of Education Student Council Elections

I. Positions: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, 9 councilors (elected-at-large)

Note: The candidates for College Representative to the University Student Council should submit requirements to the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs and will follow USEB General Calendar of Activities. 

II. Qualifications:

Every candidate for the CSEC, must:

  1. be a bona fide student of the College of Education (officially enrolled during the semester of the elections);
  2. be in academically good standing in the College;
  3. carry the normal load prescribed in the College;
  4. not have been found guilty of any disciplinary action in the College or the University;
  5. still have two (2) or more semesters to enroll in the College.

Note: In case the candidate does not meet the qualification/s “a” and/or “c,” a certification duly signed by the College Secretary (or authorized representative), that they are currently taking academic units during the semester of the election should be secured.

III. Duties and Responsibilities of Officers: Please access the UP CEd Student Council Constitution: tinyurl.com/CESCConsti

IV. Documents/Requirements to be submitted:

  1. Duly accomplished Certificate of Candidacy (USEB Form 1)
  2. Duly accomplished Personal Information Sheet (USEB Form 2)
  3. A political party/Individual platform (General and Specific Program of Action)
  4. Office for Student Ethics Clearance/Certification of No Pending Case (To request: http://bit.ly/oseclearance)
  5. OASH Certification of No Pending Case (To be requested by the College from OASH)

*Download the forms here.

**Political parties should file the candidacy of the students running under their slate, provided that these parties can only file one certificate of candidacy for each position in the College Student Council.

***Please take note that processing of academic, residency, and conduct eligibility (on USEB Form 1) of prospective candidates will be facilitated by the Office of the College Secretary.

Submit all documents to the Office of the College Secretary: educosec.updiliman@up.edu.ph on or before 5 pm of 10 May 2024.

V. Documents regarding University/College Student Council Elections can be downloaded here:



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