To  :  ALL College of Education Students

From :  LOURDES R. BAETIONG, College Secretary


In its desire to further refine class scheduling and respond to actual demand for courses, the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) instituted the use of the Course Offering Coordination Request (COCR) last semester. It is primarily meant to ensure coordination of course needs and offerings within, between, and among academic units. In this connection and in compliance with OUR Memorandum No. MMTP 2017-06 dated 27 September 2017, the Office of the College Secretary is conducting a survey of course needs for the 2nd semester of AY 2017-2018. This aims to accomplish the following:

  • generation of a course demand report that areas (in Educ) departments (in other Colleges) can use as a guide in determining their course offerings;
  • assurance of slots (more or less)in the courses which participating students need to enroll in within and outside the College; and
  • prevention of undersubscribed courses.

To realize the foregoing, kindly accomplish the attached Google Form making sure that you provide the COMPLETEDEFINITE, and HONEST information it requires. The OSec is setting Tuesday, 10 October 2017 as the deadline for the accomplishment of the form. Your PROMPT response will give us enough time to consolidate and organize the results for submission to the OUR before the deadline it has set. Please be reminded that compliance with prerequisites of the subjects you will request for remains a must. Use the link to determine the course titles of the subjects you need, their prerequisites (if applicable), and other course information. Note very well that the OSec does not intend to have a second round of this survey.

Inasmuch as results of an earlier survey concerning requests for science courses have been accordingly submitted to the College of Science and an assurance was received by this Office that those will be forwarded to the concerned Institutes, DO NOT INCLUDE ANY REQUEST for SCIENCE COURSES ANYMORE. Doing so will only create confusion.

Please be guided accordingly. Thank you very much.