Withdrawal of Enlistment (For Those Not Pursuing their Registration)

The deadline for the withdrawal of enlistment is 7 February 2022 (2nd Semester 2021-2022 Enrolment) and 20 June 2022 (Midyear 2022 Enrolment)

Memorandum No. MRC15-11 on Withdrawal of Enlistment states:

  • Students MUST file for WITHDRAWAL OF ENLISTMENT if they have been granted classes during the preenlistment and/or regular enlistment period but have decided NOT TO PUSH THROUGH with their enrolment.
  • To process online: Students should go to the VIEW MODE of the [STUDENT REGISTRATION] MODULE of their CRS Account and click the button “Withdraw Enlisted Classes.”
  • The Withdrawal of Enlistment CANCELS ALL CLASSES GRANTED during preenlistment and/or regular enlistment and cannot be undone.
  • Failure to cancel enlistment by this date means that students intend to pursue their enrolment, which means that:
    • they are EXPECTED TO PAY THE MATRICULATION FEES covering all these classes. Failure to do this will result in ACCOUNTABILITY for students. Students with an accountability will be tagged as INELIGIBLE TO ENROL in the next term; and
    • they WILL BE GIVEN GRADES FOR ALL THE CLASSES, whether or not these have been paid for.
  • Please be reminded that failure to withdraw enlistment in classes prevents other students from enrolling in those classes. It is for this reason that [students] are made accountable for their enlistment in these classes.


  • Students, except non-degree students, must file for LEAVE OF ABSENCE (LOA) if they are not going to enroll in specific classes during any particular term.
  • Students may file for RESIDENCE if they need to settle an INC, remove a grade of 4, or comply with any requirement that requires a mark (i.e., thesis/dissertation requirement) (UPD Catalogue)