Please be informed of the following steps for the processing of payment for late registration, Change of Matriculation (CoM), and dropping:

  1. Student emails the OUR ( about his/her request for late registration/CoM/dropping and requests for approval preferably using his/her UP mail account to lessen the verification process;
  2. Once approved, the OUR sends a soft copy of the fillable Payment Slip (see attached) to the student;
  3. Student pays over-the-counter (OTC) at any open Landbank branch or avail of fund transfer feature of his/her bank to Landbank;
  4. Student emails the scanned/photo of the proof of payment and the filled out Payment Slip to with the subject: Bankpayment_transaction_type_name;
  5. OUR then sends a pdf copy of the student’s Form5/Form 26/Form 26A to the Cash Office together with the accomplished Payment Slip and proof of payment;
  6. Cash Office checks the forwarded documents and proof of payment against the bank statement;
  7. If everything is in order, Cash Office validates the student’s Form5/Form 26/Form 26A and then sends the validated form back to the OUR; and
  8. OUR tags the student in the CRS with “To sign/claim Form5/Form 26/Form 26A”

The process temporarily ends here.

However, at a much later date when the situation normalizes, the student will have to go to the OUR to sign and claim his/her copy of the Form5/Form 26/Form 26A.

Note: This process is valid until the online payment modules in CRS are deployed.