More than 200 participants from different universities participated in the first Language Education Research Colloquium held last December 2, 2017 at the Benitez Theater, UP College of Education.

Completed master’s theses and proposed dissertation projects addressing relevant issues and critical research areas in language education were presented under two strands. Strand 1 theme, Designing Interventions to Improve Students’ Writing Skills featured the thesis of Angelique T. Pajuelas, Florene Mae D. Lakip, and Jasmine Sabrina J. Rombaoa who have all earned their MAEd Language Education degree. Strand 2 theme, on the other hand, is Examining Prevalent Language Teaching Practices to Enrich Teaching and Learning. It featured research proposals of three Language Education majors in the PhD Ed program: Cecilia A. Suarez, Ramer V. Oxiño, and Maria Teresa L. Manicio.

The Language Education Research Colloquium 2017 is the first for the area. Language education teachers, students, and researchers look forward to more activities of the same nature as participants found the event inspiring.

“The EDL Colloquium is a wake-up call for me, that I am in my fifth year in the program and still, I am unsure of what topic to write. The strands inspired me to make further studies specifically on how I assess my students’ written outputs,” said Nicole Ann Rose Malapo, an EDL student.

“It was helpful for students pursuing graduate studies because we get ourselves familiarized on how we can present a research in a colloquium. I got ideas on how I can better work on my master’s thesis. The master’s thesis is difficult but looking at the energy and passion of those presenters inspired me to keep going,” said another EDL student, Jeremiah Grafia.

Professors and students from the Language Education Area organized the event. Dr. Lourdes Baetiong, Dr. Romylyn Metila, Prof. Nerissa Zara, and Dr. Menelea Chiu were present in the event as lead organizers. Students from EDUC 293 and EDL 371 helped as committee members.