TRIA KERKVLIET Scholarship Grant

Deadline of application – November 15, 2017


  1. Admitted to the University, subject to the University of the Philippines College Admission Test;
  2. Be a first year student enrolled in any degree program at the University;
  3. Be a graduate from a public high school in any of the provinces of Bataan, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga or Tarlac;
  4. Be enrolled in at least fifteen (15) units at the time of the award of the Grant;
  5. Be qualified for at least tuition Partial Discount (PD) of 60% of the Univeristy’s Socialized Tuition System and whose combined gross family income is not more than PHP 350,000;
  6. Not have been held liable in any disciplinary action.


  1. Actual earnings of the Donation, but not to exceed PHILIPPINE PESO: Exactly FORTY-FIVE THOUSAND (PHP 45,000) for each awardee per semester, distributed as follows:

School fees as assessed up to P15,000.00/semester

Monthly stipend @ P6,000 x 5 months 30,000.00/semester

Total – – – P45,000.00/semester/scholar

(P90,000.00 per year)


Application forms are available at the OSSS, Rm. 302, Vinzons Hall