TO ALL COLLEGE OF EDUCATION INCOMING STUDENT TEACHERS (Undergraduate Program) for 2nd Semester 2018-2019


Kindly consult with your program area adviser. Request for an assessment of your current academic status:


  1. Must have completed all academic requirements
  • Accomplished 6 units of Philippine Studies Requirement (GE)
  1. Must be in good standing
  • no grade of: INC, DROP, 4 or 5 in all required courses
  1. Must not be on MRR status
  • Students on MRR status must have an approved extension
  1. Must have accomplished necessary substitution forms


GET YOUR APPLICATION FORM FROM ROOM 200. Attach the following documents:

  1. Course Checklist (as assessed by College’s Student Records evaluator and Program Adviser)
  1. Official True Copy of Grades
  2. Medical Certificate
  3. Other Pertinent requirements regarding student teaching (if any: MRR Approval, certificate of completion for INC, letter of appeal)


Submit completed application to the Student Teaching Coordinator (PROF. LEONOR DIAZ, RM. 200) on or before Dec. 7, 2018. (*Applicants must submit requirements personally)



Under EDUC’S policy, only those whose remaining academic load/courses are:


EDUC 180    STUDENT TEACHING   (8 units)


       EDUC 181    SENIOR SEMINAR                (2 units)


Those with removable 4’s and/or incomplete must remove such deficiencies before applying.

Announcement of Action of the Student Teaching Committee on the Application for Student Teaching will be sent to your email.