1. Campaign activities are allowed during the special elections on 23-26 April 2018 provided that they are conducted at least ten (10) meters away from Room 111 (MITC). Demarcations have been placed on the floor to mark the prohibited areas.


  1. Flyers and other campaign materials must not be distributed nor displayed within the defined 10-meter radius from the MITC. Voting students must see to it that any campaign paraphernalia they are in possession of must be properly kept while they are at the voting area.


  1. Loitering near the voting area is strictly prohibited. Only authorized individuals (CSEB members, OSec staff with election-related assignments, OSA representatives, and duly designated party poll watchers) are allowed in the area. Candidates and their respective supporters, unless they are to cast their votes, must keep off the premises of the voting area.


  1. The official appointment of all duly designated party poll watchers must be submitted to the CSEB prior to their assumption of their duties at the voting precinct.


  1. Org tambayans immediately in front of the MITC are off limits to their members during the special and the regular elections, that is, from 3-6pm on 23 to 26 April 2018 and 9am-7pm on the 27th. Their tables have been temporarily transferred to the left wing at the ground floor of the College.

– CSEB, College of Education