When the first video of “USAPANG COVID-19” was released, educators from other Asian countries asked if the Reading, Early Grades, Art and Language Education (REGALE) cluster and UP Open University (UPOU)  would release an English version. Thus, Miguel and Urie are back in the video series “COVIDTalks.” This is even more special because the music used in the three videos is a gift from Adrik Cristobal, an alumnus of UP College of Music. Let us share with our colleagues these learning resources to trigger discussion about what is happening within children’s communities, in the country and in the world. 

COVIDTalks: What is COVID-19? https://youtu.be/luOg5bGzogk
COVID Talks: How do we fight COVID-19? https://youtu.be/mQP3G8ukBM8
COVIDTalks: How can we help stop the spread of COVID 19? https://youtu.be/mLZYd0rapZI