Attention: Change of Matriculation Process
Change of Matriculation is until September 14, 2020


  1. The student contacts the Office of the College Secretary ( for Change of Matriculation (CoM). Send the email with subject line: Change of Matriculation with student’s name, student number, and course to be added/cancelled.
  2. The OSec enlists/cancels the student from the class.
  3. The student contacts his/her adviser for post advising.
  4. The adviser acts on the CoM request through the Change of Matriculation Module/Advising for Change of Mat.
  5. The OSec assesses the student through the Change of Matriculation Assessment Module.
  6. If the student does not need to pay, the process ends here.
    If the student needs to pay, s/he generates the payment slip through the “Settlement of Accountability Module.” The student pays the CoM fee.

For more information about the procedure, please refer to the flowchart.