Chulalongkorn University and the AUN University Innovation and Enterprise (AUN-UIE) are glad to invite the AUN Member Universities to join an international startup network! ASEAN University Startup Bootcamp.
📣ASEAN University Startup Bootcamp is a project that brings together a group of creative and passionate undergraduates from all over the ASEAN +3 region who are interested in starting startups and aspired to become new-gen entrepreneurs. Through intensive 3 weeks of FREE online training and workshops, participants will have the opportunity to practice and learn all about startup essentials. Mentors and experts are provided here to share experiences and give consultations.

Furthermore, participants may get inspiration and a new point of view from the startup networking activities with ASEAN international students.

🚨Apply now – 27 June 2021 (GMT+7)
🌈 Requirements

  1. Participant must be a current student with a Bachelor degree from ASEAN +3 region
  2. Interest and Intend to be an entrepreneur in startups
    🌈 How to apply
  3. Scan QR code on the poster or fill this form
  4. Self-introduction video (max length 5 mins) must include the contents,
  • personal introduction
  • your strength and weakness
  • why are you applying for this program
    For submission guidelines and more information, please contact
    💫 Facebook: ASEAN University Startup Summer Bootcamp 2021