for 1st Semester 2022-2023


Under EDUC’S policy, only those whose remaining academic load/courses are:

          EDUC 180   STUDENT TEACHING           (8 units)

          EDUC 181   SENIOR SEMINAR                            (2 units)

Consult with your program area adviser for an assessment of your current academic status:

  1. Must have completed all academic requirements
    • Accomplished 6 units of Philippine Studies Requirement (GE)
  2. Must be in good standing (no deficiencies)
    • No grade of: INC, DROP, 4 or 5 in all required courses
  3. Must not be on MRR status
    • Students on MRR status must have an approved extension.
  4. Must have accomplished necessary substitution forms


Ensure to prepare the following documents early:

  1. Application Form
  2. Course Checklist (as assessed by College’s Student Records Evaluator and Program Adviser)
    • Those with student no: 2018 or up: The checklists are uploaded on the CRS homepage.
      Those with student no: 2012-2017: The checklists are archived on the OUR official website:
      Those with student no: 2011 or below : Secure your course checklist from your Program Adviser.
    • Accomplish the course checklist.
    • Email duly accomplished course checklist to your Program Adviser for checking. 
    • Submit other pertinent requirements regarding substitution of required courses, OTR (for transferees) / TCG from the former home unit (if the type of admission from EDUC is categorized as T1 or S2), and other certifications.
    • The Program Adviser examines the course checklist and other documents. S/he sends the course checklist and documents (with a short message certifying that s/he has checked the entries) to the College Student Records Evaluator, Mr. Jonathan Terante, at                          
      • SUBJECT: ST Curriculum Checklist Evaluation
    • The Student Records Evaluator verifies all information written in the course checklist. He affixes his e-signature on the document and sends the document back to the student.  Processing time for requests of this nature takes a maximum of five working days.
  3. Official True Copy of Grades: Request for True Copy of Grades, Certificates, etc.
  4. Other pertinent requirements regarding student teaching (if any: MRR Approval, certificate of completion for INC, letter of appeal)
  5. Health Self-Report
    • Carefully read the instructions before accomplishing the form.  Take note that the College and UPIS can effectively support you only when you are truly honest with your responses.
    • Take a screen shot of your calculated results and paste this in a doc file  with your response/s to the following:

      What do you do if you feel/experience any of these conditions? Or how do you handle these? Elaborate your responses.


  • Label each file as Last Name First Name_Document Name (e.g., Course Checklist)
  • Submit ALL properly labelled documents to the Student Teaching Coordinator, Prof. Leonor Diaz, at using your UP email with the SUBJECT: ST Application 2022-23_Sem1_Last Name First Name_Major on or before June 30, 2022.

Announcement of Action of the Student Teaching Committee on the Application will be sent to your UP email around a month after the deadline.