Dear All,

I am delighted to share with you two infographics that were developed by our Health Education Area in order to remind us to do our share in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

The first infographic explains the steps on how to properly use a REwear mask (re-usable, washable, re-wearable mask) designed by the Department of Science and Technology. It encourages everyone to not only wear a mask when going out but to ensure that it is PROPERLY worn, which means that it fits snugly and entirely covers the mouth and the nose.

Meanwhile, the second infographic is an updated version of Breaking the Chain of Infection of COVID-19. It explains that there are six elements that are needed to spread a communicable disease such as COVID-19 and preventing its transmission entails cutting the chain from any of its points. An earlier version of the chain was already disseminated in March and was translated into 14 languages.

It is our hope that by promoting personal and social responsibility, our wellbeing as a people will be ensured and we will be able to beat our common invisible enemy. Together, we are stronger!

May 1, 2020