Student Teaching Application for 2nd Semester AY 2017-2018


TO ALL COLLEGE OF EDUCATION INCOMING STUDENT TEACHERS (Undergraduate Program) for 2nd Semester 2017-2018, kindly consult with your program area adviser.

Request for an Assessment of your current academic status:

  1. Must have completed all academic requirements
    • Accomplished 6 units of Philippine Studies Requirement (GE)
  2. Must be in good standing
    • no grade of: INC, DROP, 4 or 5 in all required courses
  3. Must not be on MRR status
    • Students on MRR status must have an approved extension

GET YOUR APPLICATION FORM FROM ROOM 200. Look for Nur Tahil. Attach the following documents:

  1. Course Checklist (as assessed by College’s Student Records evaluator and Program Adviser)
  2. Official True Copy of Grades
  3. Other Pertinent requirements regarding student teaching (if any: MRR Approval, certificate of completion for INC, letter of appeal)

Submit completed application to the Student Teaching Coordinator (PROF. LEONOR DIAZ, RM. 200) thru Nur on or before DECEMBER 11, 2017. (*applicants must submit requirements personally)

Under EDUC’S existing policy, only those whose remaining academic load/courses are:

  • EDUC 180 STUDENT TEACHING (8 units)
  • EDUC 181 SENIOR SEMINAR (2 units)

Those with removable 4’s and/or incomplete must remove such deficiencies before applying.

Announcement of Action of the Student Teaching Committee on the Application for Student Teaching: to be posted on the EDUC LOBBY bulletin board.

Intern Brazil

The Commission on Higher Education informs all interested parties of the Intern Brazil, a global exchange and recruitment agency for young talents (undergraduate and graduate students) to various companies and organizations in Brazil. Programs are offered on a short-term, semester, winter or summer program.

Intern Brazil, a career-development company, seeks to facilitate exchange in culture and to provide strong partnerships between countries through internship and volunteering opportunities. It likewise aims to enhance personal and professional experience of individuals by means of interactive learning and cultural exchange programs in Brazil.

Detail information and application forms can be found at

Inquiries regarding the program may be directed to

Dr. Goh Keng Swee (GKS) 2018 Scholarships

The Commission on Higher Education informs all interested parties that applications for Dr. Goh Keng Swee (GKS) 2018 Scholarships administered by the Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) are now open.

The Scholarship Program will cover round-trip airfare, tuition and compulsory fees, annual maintenance allowance of SGD 6500, hostel and one-time settling-in allowance. The award will be reviewed annually and is subject to satisfactory performance and academic results.

Application period is until 15 March 2018.

Detailed information can be found at

Applicants may submit their application at

Inquiries regarding the program may be directed via email at

SET Answering for the First Semester of AY 2017-2018

The SET Answering for the First Semester of AY 2017-2018 will start on 20 November 2017 (Monday) and will end on 08 December 2017 (Friday).

Students may accomplish the SET by logging into their Computerized Registration System (CRS) accounts and clicking on the “SET Answering Module”.

Students are reminded that those who fail to answer the SET will be tagged as “LOW PRIORITY” in the next term’s pre-enlistment.

Evaluation of the teaching performance of teaching fellows and teaching assistants (TFs/TAs) should be conducted during the same period as that for SET answering. In line with this, units TFs/TAs are reminded to follow the guidelines for the evaluation of the teaching performance of TFs/TAs stipulated in Memorandum No. OVCAA-BMP 16-150, as enclosed.

Pilot testing of the new SET instrument is built in the regular SET answering procedures and mechanisms.

Tria Kerkvliet Scholarship Grant

TRIA KERKVLIET Scholarship Grant

Deadline of application – November 15, 2017


  1. Admitted to the University, subject to the University of the Philippines College Admission Test;
  2. Be a first year student enrolled in any degree program at the University;
  3. Be a graduate from a public high school in any of the provinces of Bataan, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga or Tarlac;
  4. Be enrolled in at least fifteen (15) units at the time of the award of the Grant;
  5. Be qualified for at least tuition Partial Discount (PD) of 60% of the Univeristy’s Socialized Tuition System and whose combined gross family income is not more than PHP 350,000;
  6. Not have been held liable in any disciplinary action.


  1. Actual earnings of the Donation, but not to exceed PHILIPPINE PESO: Exactly FORTY-FIVE THOUSAND (PHP 45,000) for each awardee per semester, distributed as follows:

School fees as assessed up to P15,000.00/semester

Monthly stipend @ P6,000 x 5 months 30,000.00/semester

Total – – – P45,000.00/semester/scholar

(P90,000.00 per year)


Application forms are available at the OSSS, Rm. 302, Vinzons Hall

Suporta Pang Scholar Scholarship Grant – System wide


Effective First Semester, AY 2017-2018



Deadline of Application – November 10, 2017


1. Applicant must be a graduating student enrolled in any baccalaureate degree;

2. Applicant must have earned a general weighted average of “2.75” in all courses taken;

3. Applicant must not have a final grade lower than 3.00 or, before the awarding of the grant, must not have an existing grade of “5.00” or “inc.”;

4. Applicant must comply with the rules of the College on academic performance (minimum of 15 units per semester);

5. Applicant must be financially needy (parents’ annual gross income must not exceed P325,000.00);

6. Applicant must not have been held liable in any disciplinary action by the University or by the College;

7. Applicant must be of good moral character, as certified by the Dean of the College, and not have been convicted of a crime.



P15,000.00 per semester.


Application forms are available at the Office of Scholarships and Student Services, Room 302, Vinzons Hall.

Extension of Deadline of Dropping

Due to suspension of classes and work on 13 – 15 November 2017, the deadline of dropping (14 November 2017) is extended until 17 November 2017.

Dropping of Subjects for First Semester 2017-2018

Please be reminded that the Deadline of Dropping of Subjects for First Semester 2017-2018 will be on 14 November 2017, Tuesday. In this regard, a student whose appeal for financial assistance is still pending may drop manually using the Dropping Slip Form available at the Office of the University Registrar – Registration and Clearance Section.


Tuition Refund Collection

In compliance with the OVPAA and OVPPF Joint Memorandum No. 2 stipulating the Guidelines on the Refund of Tuition and other Fees for AY 2017-2018 and in view of the resolutions arrived at during the College Secretaries’ meeting held on 10 October 2017, the processing of refund applications has been scheduled from the 16th to the 27th of October 2017. Relative to this, kindly visit the Office of the College Secretary to process your application for refund. Please bring with you:
1) the original copy of your Form 5, and if applicable,
2) your Change of Matriculation form and/or
3) the receipt of your loan payment.

Attached herewith are:
1) the list of qualified students, and
2) flowchart for the steps you are to follow.

Meanwhile, qualified students who do not wish to avail of the refund must also drop by this Office on or before Friday, 27 October 2017, to accomplish the opt-out form and comply with the aforementioned joint memorandum.

Please be guided accordingly. Thank you.


Period of Processing of Refund of Tuition and Other Fees for Undergraduate Students Who Paid but Qualified for Free Tuition

In compliance with the OVPAA and OVPPF Joint Memorandum No. 2 on the Guidelines on the Refund of Tuition and Other Fees Assessment for AY 2017-2018 and in view of the resolutions made at the Meeting of the College Secretaries held on October 10, 2017, we will be processing refund applications from October 16-27, 2017. Please refer to the attached flowchart for the steps to be undertaken.

Students are reminded to prepare the original Form 5, and if any, Change of Matriculation Forms and/or Receipts of Loan Payment for the processing.

Thank you!